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The report predicts your response to over 70 drugs.

Recommendations about drug choice and dosage

With your consent, results are added to your medical record, for future treatment.

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How does Pharmacogenetic testing work?

When we take a drug, our body’s enzymes in the body that transform it so it can be eliminated from the body. The activity level of these enzymes varies from one person to the next, leading to variability in drug response. This is the main reason why the same dosage of the same drug may work well for one person, but have significant adverse side effects for another.

DNA is the blueprint for all the body’s forms and functions, including the enzymes that transform drugs. By locating and understanding the DNA regions where these enzymes are made, we can predict their level of activity.

Using a saliva sample, we can analyze a person’s DNA and predict with a reasonable degree of certainty how his or her body will respond to a drug. We can also understand whether or not that person will be likely to experience side effects or have a sub-optimal response to the drug.

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Our Pharma Profiles include:

– A report with a list of potentially incompatible drugs to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects
and increase the likelihood the drugs will be effective.

– Your results can be sent to your healthcare professional.

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