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A nutrition-focused report that outlines your response to 10 important nutrients.

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Identify your risks and savour life.

Why do you need a Nutrition Profile?

If what you eat does not meet your unique needs, a supposedly healthy diet can actually put you at risk of developing chronic diseases. Don’t trust to luck if you want to live a long and healthy life! Take a Nutrition Profile test and learn about the crucial link between DNA and diet.

Dietary advice tailored to your DNA.

Your Nutrition Profile report will contain straightforward recommendations based on your unique needs. In addition, a healthcare professional will assist you in applying the recommendations to your diet.


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Report Excerpt

The clickable images below are sample pages from the Nutrition Profile. The full report is over twenty pages long and contains personalized recommendations and advice.

Nutrition Profile Report Summary Nutrition Profile - Caffeine Nutrition Profile - Vitamin D

« I’m very active during summer so I make sure that I get enough sodium, but when I’m less active I know exactly how much I should limit myself to. My dietician really gave me a clear plan! »

– Jennifer, 31 years old, Nutrition Profile : She’s sensitive to sodium.

« I’m a vegetarian…controlling my weight has always been challenging and often frustrating. My Nutrition Profile has helped me focus on the foods that will make a difference for me. »

– Christina, 48 years old, Nutrition Profile : She’s sensitive to saturated fats and foods with a high glycemic load.

The 10 important nutrients included in the test

Cardiovascular Health

Omega-3, Sodium,

Metabolic Health

Vitamin C, Folate,
Glycemic Load

Bone Health

Vitamin D

Weight Management

Saturated Fat

Intolerances and Immunity

Celiac Disease, Lactose

Why have your DNA tested by BiogeniQ?

To improve your diet

By learning about the crucial link between your DNA and your diet, you will be able to adapt your dietary habits to meet your unique needs.

Receive recommendations from a team of professionals

Our specialists will help you understand the results of your genetic test and apply the recommendations to your diet.

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