Cancer Pharma Profile

A unique information to guide your remission.

The Cancer Pharma Profile is a pharmacogentic report that identifies medications that are often used to treat cancer that may be ineffective or have a higher risk of causing side effects. This category includes multiple types of treatment for different type of cancer.

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Sample Report

Are you curious what a Cancer Pharma Profile report looks like? Please note that the version that your doctor receives will be slighty different that the one that you receive; your doctor will have more technical details with respect to dosage and medication choice. Click on the button bellow to get a sample report.

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Profil Pharma Cancer

The Cancer Pharma Profile analyses these important medications

Fluorouracil (5-FU)

Azathioprine (IMURAN®)

Capecitabine (XELODA®)


Mercaptopurine (PURINETHOL®)

Oxycodone (OxyNEO®, Oxy.IR®)

Tacrolimus (ADVAGRAF®)

Tamoxifen (NOLVADEX®)

Thioguanine (LANVIS®)

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