BiogeniQ offers various DNA tests to ensure that you stay in good health.
If the following statements are true, our profiles are relevant for you.

First Pharma Profile:


Each additional Pharma Profile:


Nutrition Profile:


Please note that these discounts are only available when multiple profiles are purchased for the same patient AND when the purchase is made on the same order. The Nutrition Profile is always $335 and is not considered when calculating discounts.

Example #1: A patient decides to order several Pharma Profiles. The first is $285; each additional profile is $120.
Example #2: A parent would like 2 ADHD Pharma Profiles. Each profile is $285.

Our Pharma Profiles include:

– A report with a list of potentially incompatible drugs to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects and increase the likelihood the drugs will be effective.

– Your results can be sent to your healthcare professional.

Note: The saliva-based DNA test can be performed without a prescription.

Mental Health

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Pharma Profile

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Pharma Profile

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Pharma Profile

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Nutrition Profile

-A report detailing specific recommendations about 10 nutritional elements.
-A consultation with a certified dietitian to interpret your results and prepare a personalized action plan.
-One month of free access to custom menus.

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If you aren’t sure which BiogeniQ profile is best for you, you can contact us at [email protected] or  1-855-943-6379