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What are the benefits of conducting a test with BiogeniQ?

You will receive indications about the drugs that are the least compatible for you, that is, those that may not be effective or cause side effects, allowing the reduction in the number of trial-and-error attempts, and preserving your health by avoiding the consumption of unnecessary medication.

Your doctor will have access to additional, useful information that cannot be obtained otherwise.

How long are my results valid for?

Whether you are 7 or 70, your genetic code never changes so the results of your genetic test(s) are valid for life. However, because science evolves over time, it is quite possible that the interpretation of your results will change over time. If this is this case, your report will be updated free of charge. If additional genes must be analyzed, additional fees may apply.

Do you test for illnesses?

The Nutrition and Pharma Profiles are non-diagnostic tests, meaning they do not diagnose diseases or conditions.

As you may know, your eating habits can contribute to the development of various diseases. By following the recommendations in your Nutrition Profile, you will reduce your risk of developing diseases caused by poor diet.

However, it is possible to diagnose a disease, or better predict the risks of developing a disease with genetic counseling, if these are your needs.

Are my test results guaranteed?

Your report’s recommendations cannot completely prevent the possibility that your body will respond poorly to certain nutrients and drugs.

However, by following the recommendations in your Nutrition Profile, you will reduce your risk of developing diseases caused by poor diet. By following the recommendations in your Pharma Profile, you will reduce your risk of unwanted side effects from the drugs you take, and you will increase your chances of receiving effective treatment.

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Do you give dosage recommendations for all the drugs in your reports?

No. Dosage recommendations are only given for certain drugs. In other cases, you may be advised to avoid a drug altogether, use it with caution, or use it in accordance with the label instructions.

Should I stop taking my medicament if I undergo this test?

No, it is not necessary to stop your medication (drugs, multivitamins, hormones for menopause, etc.), because it has no effect on your DNA. You may continue your treatments without any problem.

I would like a refund.

To learn about our refund policy, please visit:

Do I need a prescription to receive genetic counselling?

No, you do not need a prescription to make the appointment. However, if you have a prescription that mentions “Genetic counselling” or “Meeting with a genetic counsellor”, the consultation will be tax free.

How long before I get the results of my genetic disease test?

You will receive your results in 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the type of test you requested. Rush orders (7- to 12-day processing) may be placed where there is an urgent medical requirement.

What type of sample must I provide for a genetic disease test?

Most tests only require a saliva sample, which can be taken at home or at a service centre. A small minority of tests require a blood sample, which can only be taken at a service centre.

Does genetic counselling provide a diagnosis?

No, it does not provide a diagnosis. Instead, it provides a prognosis, or prediction. We are testing for the genes that make people genetically predisposed to cancer. The test results show the likelihood of developing breast cancer.

How does Pharmacogenetic testing work?

DNA is the blueprint for all the proteins in the body, including enzymes. Enzymes are very important because they first transform and then eliminate the drugs we take. The activity level of these enzymes varies from one person to the next. This is one of the main reasons why a drug may work well for one person but have significant side effects for another.

By understanding a person’s genetic variations, we can predict the activity level of the enzymes that impact how compatible a particular drug may be.

I’m interested in the Pharma Profile, but shouldn’t I wait until I need to take a drug before doing the test?

While seemingly logical, we don’t recommend waiting if you want to take full advantage of what the Pharma Profile has to offer. In most cases, after a diagnosis or in an emergency, we often have to take the prescribed drug immediately. We cannot afford to wait days, let alone weeks, which is the time it would take to receive your genetic test results. Knowing ahead of time which drugs and doses are suitable for you will help you stay away from drugs that would be ineffective or have potentially harmful side effects.

Why do all categories of Pharma Profile cost the same, even though some categories have more (or fewer) drugs?

Even though the number of drugs in each category varies, the cost of the genetic analysis and the long-term storage of your sample are the same. Your health will benefit just as much, no matter which category you choose.

If I want to know more about a drug that is not currently on the list of drugs tested by the Pharma Profile, can I add it to the list?

Unfortunately, we cannot make recommendations about drugs that are not currently on our list. There is an established scientific consensus concerning how the body’s genes respond to the drugs currently included in the Pharma Profile. If a drug is not on the list, it is because there is currently not enough scientific data to make recommendations about it and predict a response.

What is the ADHD Pharma Profile?
The BiogeniQ ADHD Pharma Profile is a genetic report that helps you choose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drugs that are not potentially ineffective or unsafe.

How can the ADHD Pharma Profile help me?
The ADHD Pharma Profile analyzes 7 genes associated with the response to over 10 drugs commonly prescribed for ADHD, and makes recommendations based on your DNA to help you choose safe and effective treatment. By understanding the risk of drug incompatibility, doctors and patients can find effective treatment as quickly as possible.

How does the ADHD Pharma Profile work?
Once you have purchased a kit, either in-store or online, take a saliva sample and send it to BiogeniQ’s lab. After we have analyzed the sample, within 1 to 3 weeks, you and your doctor will both receive a copy of your report. The results can then be used to help determine the drug with the less chance of being ineffective or high side effects.

Does the ADHD Pharma Profile diagnose ADHD?
No. The ADHD Pharma Profile is for people who have already been diagnosed with ADHD and who want to know which drugs are most likely to have side effects, or no therapeutic effect at all.

What is the minimum age requirement for taking the ADHD Pharma Profile test?
We recommend taking the ADHD Pharma Profile test after being diagnosed with ADHD. Children are often diagnosed when they are 7 years or older.

Does the Nutrition Profile test for intolerances or allergies?

No. The Nutrition Profile is not a diagnostic test. Rather, the Nutrition Profile is a tool that complements a diagnostic test by telling you if you have a genetic predisposition to develop lactose intolerance, or an immune response to gluten. If your results indicate that you have a high predisposition, you may want to do more thorough research into the issue.

Do you test for nutritional supplements?

No. Supplements are not included in the Nutrition or Pharma Profiles.

If I want to know more about a nutrient that is not currently on the list of nutrients tested by the Nutrition Profile, can I add it to the list?

Unfortunately, we cannot make recommendations about nutrients that are not currently on the list. If a nutrient is not on the list, it is because there is currently not enough scientific data to make recommendations and predict a response.

How do I get the kit?

-You can get the kit online, here (credit card payment)

-You can order the kit over the phone, by contacting a member of our team (payment by credit card): 514-317-2240 at this toll-free number 1-855-943-6379

-You can make an appointment at a Biron point of service (514-317-2240 and toll-free number 1-855-943-6379) (all accepted methods of payment)

-You can order the kit from a partner. Please find out which is the nearest partner here (different payment methods accepted, depending on our partner. We suggest you to contact them by phone first)

What kind of sample do I need to provide for the test?

We need a small saliva sample (approx. 1 mL, or 1/5 teaspoon) to perform the analysis.

If I would like to do both the Nutrition and Pharma Profiles, do I need to provide two samples?

No. You need only provide one sample for both tests. The same sample can also be used for subsequent tests.

Can I do another test later?

Yes. Your sample is stored in a freezer and can be reused at a later date for subsequent tests. You do not need to provide another sample.

How can I get a sampling tube?

You can get a sampling tube either in person at one of our partner clinics, or in the mail if you purchase your test on our website.

Do I need a prescription to have the Nutrition and/or Pharma Profiles done?

No. It is not necessary to have a prescription to do the Nutrition or Pharma Profiles. However, if you have a prescription, the tests are tax free, and certain insurance providers may require a prescription to make the tests eligible for reimbursement.

Do you do whole-genome sequencing?

No. We do not sequence your whole genome, as this technique would give us much more information than we need. We use a technique called “genotyping”, meaning we analyze only the parts of your DNA that we need to produce our reports.

When will I receive my results?

After your saliva sample arrives at the BiogeniQ laboratory, you should allow from 1 to 2 weeks for delivery of your results.

How will I receive my genetic test results?

Once your genetic assessment is ready, you will receive an email that will direct you to your secure BiogeniQ portal. There, you will be able to visualize your results, as well as download them in PDF format.

Where do the recommendations for the Nutrition and Pharma Profiles come from?

The recommendations in our reports come from peer-reviewed scientific publications. Some of the recommendations in the Parma Profile may also come from drug labels issued by Health Canada and agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). BiogeniQ makes absolutely sure that the information in your report comes from credible and expert scientific sources.

Am I obliged to share my results with my doctor?

Although we strongly encourage that you share your results with a healthcare professional, you are not obliged to share them with anyone. Please note that your Pharma Profile report will not contain any specific recommendations concerning changes in dose or choice of drug as this decision should be made by a doctor or pharmacist.

Why is it important to share my results with a healthcare professional?

Although the genetic analysis helps predict your body’s response to different nutrients and drugs, many other factors come into play. A healthcare professional will put the results from your Profile into context so that, together, you can make the best decision.

Could my sample be affected by heat or cold during transport?

No. The blue (or white) liquid in the tube stabilizes the DNA in your saliva sample so it will not be affected by temperature variations during transport.

Is my genetic data stored securely?

Your genetic data is encrypted at different levels and stored on servers that meet or exceed the strictest security standards. BiogeniQ protects access to your genetic data by leaving you to control who has access to your information.

Do you intend to share my results?

Your results will never be shared with a third party without your consent. Whether it is your doctor, your insurer, or your family, we will always ask for your consent.

Will you send my genetic results to my insurance company? Will they refuse to insure me, or increase my premiums?

If your insurance company asks if you have taken a genetic test, you don’t need to answer that question. You can refer to the law S-201.

What will happen to my data if I participate in BiogeniQ’s Research Project?

First, your participation in our Research Project is completely voluntary and in no way affects the quality of the services you will receive.

Second, by taking part in the Research Project, you are giving us permission to use your data for research purposes, thereby contributing to advances in health science. Where necessary, your data will be made anonymous so that your genetic data cannot be identified.

Will my private insurance company reimburse the cost of my genetic test?

The coverage of genetic tests depends on your private insurance company. If they are considered laboratory tests, you should be reimbursed. For the Nutrition Profile, your consultation with a dietitian may be reimbursed, depending on your insurance. We recommend you contact your insurance provider to determine your coverage.

Do I need a prescription to do a Pharma or Nutrition Profile?

No. You do not need to have a prescription. However, a prescription makes our tests tax free, and certain insurance providers may require a prescription to make the tests eligible for reimbursement.

Please, make sure that the prescription you ask your doctor be indicated for one of our tests, not for a specific medication, or to validate your diagnosis. For example, we must find the keywords: ”Pharma ADHD Profile Test ”, ”Pharmacogenetic ADHD Test ”, ”Genetic Analysis BiogeniQ Profile Pharma Depression”

Do I need a prescription to receive genetic counselling?

No, you do not need a prescription to make the appointment. However, if you have a prescription that mentions “Genetic counselling” or “Meeting with a genetic counsellor”, the consultation will be tax free.