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We offer multiple types of genetic tests to stay healthy

Pharma Profile

Your DNA can predict how you react to medications, helping you find safe and effective treatment quickly. 

A report focusing on your response to more than 50 medications

Recommendations about medication choice and dosage

Integration of your results into your medical records for future care

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ADHD Pharma Profile

Diagnosed with ADHD? Find a personalized and safe treatment.

A genetic report to help you choose the best ADHD medication

The integration of your results in your medical records, with your consent

*The ADHD Pharma Profile is for people diagnosed with ADHD.

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Nutrition Profile

Eating according to your DNA can prevent the development of chronic disease.

A nutrition-focused report that details your response to 10 nutritional elements

Specific daily intake recommendations

A consultation with a dietician

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When life takes an unexpected turn, your DNA could save you!

The new CANMAT depression guidelines have been published.

Read the new guidelines

« I’m very active during summer so I make sure that I get enough sodium, but when I’m less active I know exactly how much I should limit myself to. My dietician really gave me a clear plan! »

– Jennifer, 34 years old, Nutrition Profile : She’s sensitive to sodium.

« I’m a vegetarian…controlling my weight has always been challenging and often frustrating. My Nutrition Profile has helped me focus on the foods that will make a difference for me. »

– Christina, 48 years old, Nutrition Profile : She’s sensitive to saturated fats and foods with a high glycemic load.

« I feel much more confident knowing that if I need this type of heart medication that my Doctor can avoid Plavix since it won’t work properly for me. »

– Albert, 58 years old, Pharma Profile : He’s an intermediate metabolizer of Plavix, a common heart medication.

Our mission is to offer actionable
recommendations based on your DNA

We use the most precise information that exists: your DNA.  Our aim is to make personalized recommendations and treatments possible for you.  We believe that each person should be viewed as a unique individual, rather than a statistic or an average.

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