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We offer different types of genetic tests to help you maintain your health

Pharma Profile

Avoid unsafe and ineffective medications by using DNA to predict your response to drugs.

A pharmacogenetic report that predicts your response to over 90 drugs

Recommendations about drug choice and dosage

With your consent, results are added to your medical record for future reference.

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ADHD Pharma Profile

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD? Find a safe and personalized and safe treatment.

Personalized genetic report that you ascertain which drugs are potentially incompatible with you.

With your consent, results are added to your medical record.

*The ADHD Pharma Profile is for people who have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.

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Nutrition Profile

Adapting your diet to your DNA can reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases.

A nutrition-focused report that outlines your response to 10 important nutrients.

Specific dietary recommendations

A consultation with a dietitian to explain the results

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When life throws you a curveball, your DNA could save you!

Learn about the benefits of genetic testing

The CANMAT 2016 depression guidelines are now available online.

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Our mission is to provide our patients with precise, simple genetic information they can use to steer clear of ineffective drugs and improve treatment outcomes and wellness

Using genetic testing gives us the most precise information about you. Our aim is to make personalized recommendations and treatments available to you. We believe that each person should be viewed as a unique individual rather than a statistic or an average.

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